Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

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Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is similar to VPS of Request Based Service but this is an on-demand and scalable compute server consisting of CPUs, memory, and system disk of certain flavors offered by NDC. Customer can order and get ECS up and running using their cloud account from different kind of flavor. Currently NDC is offering following flavors (in the form of CPU_Memory_System Disk)

Product Flavor Monthly Fee (BDT) Order Service
x.Small 2 CPU_4GB RAM 3,000.00 Service Order Procedure
Small 4 CPU_8GB RAM 5,000.00
Medium 8 CPU_16GB RAM 10,000.00
Regular 12 CPU _24GB RAM 13,000.00
Large 16 CPU _32GB RAM 15,000.00
x.LargeM 16 CPU_64GB RAM 30,000.00
x.Large 32 CPU_64GB RAM 40,000.00